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The design process starts by understanding the day-by-day - how the facility lives and breaths.”
Jason Barry   Architectural Designer

Jason Barry

Architectural Designer

Healthcare practices demand a lot from their buildings. Facilities need to be dynamic, keeping up with the fast paced world of medicine, while providing a healthy environment for both the patient and the provider. Jason Barry has dedicated his career to the design of user-focused spaces and worked closely with healthcare providers to understand the unique facility type.

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Jason began his career designing residential houses before moving into the design of healthcare facilities which developed into a passion. Working with both patients and providers, he became fascinated with the complexity of procedures and demands of the building design. In these spaces, form is driven by function.

Jason approaches each project by working closely with the healthcare provider to understand the day-to-day needs - patient flow, simplicity, flexibility. Jason has worked in over 25 healthcare facilities completing projects that range from restroom remodels to design and construction of new facilities.

He has found particular satisfaction in the design of emergency care departments - the most dynamic in the healthcare world - where a single space must serve as a center for crisis, trauma, diagnostics, maternity and more.

The intensive demand on these spaces necessitates a highly functional, flexible design with complex architectural features to accommodate high intensity situations. Jason brings his user-first perspective to the KMB architects team and is especially excited to foster growth at our firm for healthcare projects.

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In his spare time, Jason pursues wood working as a hobby and has produced a variety of items including coffee tables, dining tables and various types of custom jobs and repairs.