Meet the Team | Tom Carver, LEED AP, RA

“Architecture should exist in harmony with its inhabitants. As a designer, if I do my job right, the occupants of the building never have to think about the space they live in. Teachers have the space they need to teach, and students have the environment in which they need to learn.”
  Tom Carver, LEED AP, RA  KMB K12 Project Manager

Tom Carver, LEED AP, RA
KMB K12 Project Manager

 Tom proudly wearing his  Evergreen Forest Thunderbirds  T-shirt, 1978

Tom proudly wearing his Evergreen Forest Thunderbirds T-shirt, 1978

Having grown up in Thurston County, Tom was one of the first students to attend a brand new elementary school in his neighborhood. He was immediately inspired by the new and modern school environment, but was not yet old enough to recognize the influence it would have on his take on design and planning.

A life-long drawer, Tom turned his hobby into his career - combining his design mind with the love of the built environment he acquired at an early age. While studying architecture at the University of Washington, he remembered the sense of wonder he felt learning in a newly designed school at an early age and knew that school design was his calling.

 Model of Tom's 5th year final project (transportation hub), University of Arizona, 1993

Model of Tom's 5th year final project (transportation hub), University of Arizona, 1993



After graduating, Tom spent many years in the South Sound region designing educational facilities for local school districts. He approaches each project with a focus on listening to truly understand each client’s unique needs. His design philosophy is strong in regionalism, embracing the unique features of Pacific Northwest architecture while placing a strong emphasis on modern trends and technologies in K12 design.

During his time working at the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), Tom helped school districts apply for and obtain various types of capital grant funding from small energy projects to multi-million dollar allocations. He often worked closely with rural districts to find creative funding solutions to facilities and maintenance problems.  

Tom - Chehalis.png

Tom at the new Chehalis K-2 school under construction, 2017

Now, Tom joins the KMB Project Management / Owners Representative studio and brings his background as both a designer and a grant administrator to our team. We look forward to seeing his impact on our local school facilities!