Firm Designations

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SIC         8712
FCS        9999
PSC        C1AA  C1AB  C1AZ
              D310   C1PC  C1BG
              C1CA  C1CZ  C307
              C1LZ   C1EB  C1EZ
              C1FA   C219  C1KZ
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              C211   C1QA  C1FE
              C1FF   C1FZ  C1GD

Corp Status Incorporated, 1987

KMB is a self-certified Small Business with 30 years of experience working with various Federal and WA State government agencies including the Army, Air Force, Department of Veterans Affairs and the Washington Military Department. Our firm was awarded the 2012-2017 Regional IDIQ for the VA which has resulted in over $15 Million of constructable work alotted to KMB. 

Our firm understands the importance of Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) standards, LEED and Building Envelope Design when working with Federal agencies. Our in-house security design studio, coupled with our architectural team have also developed integrated security solutions that have improved lobby, reception and gate entrances for several State and Federal agencies, including correctional and institutional applications. 


Agency Experience: 

VA Circle.png

Department of Veteran Affairs

Over $15 Million of IDIQ Constructable Projects from 2012-2017.

Airforce Circle.png

U.S Air Force

$2 Million dental clinic modernization to support Fairchild Air Force Base healthcare.

JBLM Circle.png

U.S. Army

Redesign and renovation of 3 historic housing units, totaling $27 Million in construction costs.

WMD Circle.png

Washington State Military Department

Camp Murray, WA (Pictured)
Montesano, WA